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3 Steps to Wrangling All of Your Software Products

Posted by Scott Janovitz

May 4, 2017 10:33:05 AM

It can happen to businesses of any size. From your company’s CRM to its payroll and timekeeping systems to the marketing automation platform to any number of collaboration and project management tools, there seems to be an enterprise application software solution for just about any challenge a business can have. It is very common in companies of various industries to have dozens of enterprise systems in use in different departments, and the issue is only compounded when you throw in your proprietary and in-house legacy systems. Before you know it, your IT department has quite a tangle of passwords, custom configurations, updates, and integrations to handle. This leads to difficulties in using the enterprise tools efficiently, often leading to parallel controls with the use of spreadsheets or other tools for manual control, and ultimately a decrease in ROI on the software. Thankfully, there are some tactics for taming your jungle of EAS systems!

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